Technology and Communication

- Mobile Device Distribution
- Telecommunications and Retail
- Mobile Tracking Systems
- Security Systems
- Defense Industry Solutions
- Smart City Technologies
- Smart Sensor and Device Solutions
- Mobile Device Accessories

Construction, Investment and Operation

- Real Estate Construction and Investment Projects
- Shopping Center
- Entertainment Center for Kids
- Residence
- Tourism & Hotel
- Energy & Mining

Our Mission

The mission of sustainable leadership is to proceed with customer-oriented, high-quality, distinctive and value-adding business models created with high team spirit based on the 24 years of experience of our Group.

Our Vision

To maintain our leadership position by growing steadily with our organization that has global competitive power and by ensuring permanent superiorities.

Our Values

  • We are client-focused. We know our client best and we always aim to add value.
  • We are a fast team. We swiftly proceed to the common target together and overcome the difficulties together.
  • We are reliable. We are honest and sincere, and trust and respect are the core values of our business.
  • We believe in open communication. We believe that open communication is the essence of people and solutions.
  • We are Innovative. We achieve results with authentic and new solutions. We implement changes and innovations swiftly.