Mıstaçoğlu in Construction and Investment

Mıstaçoğlu Group of Companies started its investments in the construction sector in 2009 with BishkekPark Project, the biggest investment in Kirghizstan. The project located in downtown capital Bishkek covers BishkekPark Shopping Center, the first and the biggest shopping and living center in the city, and 18-floor, state-of-the-art BishkekPark Residence and Sheraton Bishkek Hotel built on this building, which is the tallest building in Kirghizstan. The complex has a total of 80.000 sqm construction area.

Started to actively operate in April 2013, BishkekPark Shopping Center currently has 130 global brands with retail stores, cafes and restaurants. It has directly affected the social and cultural life in Bishkek with the first world-class entertainment center and cinema in the city. It has become the center of attraction and living in the eyes of the people living in Bishkek City.

In addition to Bishkek Park Project worth of approximately 100 Million USD, Mıstaçoğlu Group of Companies is the operator and manager of BishkekPark Shopping Center, BishkekPark Residence and Sheraton Bishkek Hotel and has always been the pioneer of the trends and breakthroughs in Bishkek as the most significant city in Kirghizstan. It has introduced global brands in the country in line with its own mission and offered residence concept in Bishkek for the first time. It is also the operator of certain cafes and restaurants in the shopping center and continues to successfully operate FunCity which was built in June 2016 as a game and entertainment space that includes world-class game equipment and cafes.