BishkekPark Shopping and Living Center

BishkekPark, the Most Important Trade Center in the City!
BishkekPark, which is the first and the biggest shopping center in Kyrgyzstan, is a living complex with some 100 stores from fashion, supermarket and technology world, more than 20 cafes and restaurants and a large indoor car park. Bringing a new dimension into the shopping and social life of Bishkek, BishkekPark is visited by 20.000 people on average every day.

FunCity, which is the first world class entertainment center in the city, was built in the living center of 58.000 sqm indoor area and was implemented by Mıstaçoğlu Group of Companies, which is the investor of the project, in the first half of 2016. The Group is the operator of both BishkekPark and FunCity and is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the needs of kids, young people and families for shopping, entertainment, cinema, cafe and restaurant are met at BishkekPark. It brought a new dimension to shopping by introducing exclusive retail brands from Turkey and from the world, such as Mango, Zara, Koton, Mavi, Penti, Derimod, Crocs, New Balance, Clarks, Benetton, Nursace, US Polo, Ramsey, LC Waikiki, Terranova, Lining, Lacoste, Adidas, Puma, InterSport, Mexx and technology products retail chain Sulpak for the first time in Bishkek. BishkekPark, which is the pioneer and influential factor in terms of shopping habits of end users, opens up new doors in economy and continues its operations and new attempts.

BishkekPark, the Scene of Social and Cultural Activities!
Social and cultural activities as well as competitions, fashion shows and art events organized at BishkekPark bring special energy to the city. The Shopping Fest Event that has been organized in recent years colors up Bishkek City and has turned into a habit and shopping pleasure for the people. BishkekPark is an important trade and cultural center which is visited by 75.000 people per day during event times and which has 100 million USD trade volume per year.