Message by Our Chairman…

In the recent 15 years, the Turkish economy has significantly grown and walked on the path of becoming one of the leading players in the world economy which stands out with technology and industry. These positive economic developments have been felt by all segments of the society, and the Turkish people have reached the highest level of welfare ever.

On this journey which we embarked since 1994 by adopting the principle of being entrepreneurial and pioneer; we are working at full speed with our initial passion and ambition to make a contribution to the national economy, create more jobs and play a role in this development of Turkey.

Our adventure that started in the retail sector has made us a group company that is one of the leaders in the Turkish telecommunications sector and that has 2 billion TRY turnover today and makes business partnership with the leading brands in the world. With our construction and tourism investments abroad since 2013, our group companies have crossed the boundaries of Turkey and became one of the major distinctive investors in the economies of other countries.

This progress and success have been achieved thanks to our adaptation to the ever-changing markets and the fluctuations in the global economy as well as taking the opportunities that arise as a result of these developments and our capability of aligning with the changes quickly and easily.

We will continue to maintain our position of being innovative and entrepreneurial on the way ahead, continue to strive for our country and live the tradition of Mıstaçoğlu with the new generations. On this occasion, I would like to thank all my precious friends, beloved employees and reputable business partners that always walk with us.

Best Regards,

Aydın Mıstaçoğlu
Chairman of Board of Directors