In line with our Vision, Mission, Strategies, Goals, Business Processes and Common Values:

• Recruiting the workforce that has the qualifications and competencies required by the positions within Mıstaçoğlu Group of Companies,
• Providing strong communicative and motivating environment,
• Supporting our employees with our human resources systems and practices,
• Developing our employees with corporate opportunities and benefits and guiding them for ensuring continuous success,
• Rewarding the success,
• Ensuring the development and retention of our employees.

Our purpose is to improve both behavioral and professional knowledge and skills of our employees by providing them with development opportunities in order to be able to offer high-quality products and services to our clients, apply performance-based wages, increase their business productivity consistently and provide career opportunities.

We expect our current and potential employees to be open to continuous improvement, learning and innovation for ensuring compliance with our corporate culture.

Mıstaçoğlu Group of Companies aims to have a dynamic and innovative Human Resources organization that adopts the common values, believes in team work, acts with honesty and transparency in all its duties and responsibilities towards its clients at all times, improves itself continuously, generates creative ideas and acts in full sensitivity towards the environment and society during all its activities.