Blink Technologies and Safe Life

With its innovative solutions, Blink Bilişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. meets all mobile communication and technology needs of public and private sector enterprises that lead the Turkish economy, and ensure that they start using the technology of the future and get competitive edge with strong infrastructure.

Blink solves the transportation, traffic, parking and security problems of cities by offering Smart Technology Solutions that ensure machine to machine data communication in the ever-digitalizing world of technology based on its vision of building the "Smart Cities of the Future" today. It also aims to increase brand value thanks to the competitive edge that increases with the strength of knowledge, by generating client-oriented solutions with vehicle tracking, fleet management, camera systems, mobile location-based services, person and object tracking systems.

Its solid financial structure and increased number of references in major projects implemented since 2013 has positioned Blink as one of the preferred companies in the sector that can offer security, flexible, scalable and innovative solutions and ensure sustainability in services, efficiency in production and distinctive results in competition. Through the international ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO27001 quality certificates and authorized service and dealer network in 81 cities in Turkey, it consistently improves its operations by ensuring the continuity of warranted service concept.